TC offers thoughts on swap for prospects

Benny Sieu/US Presswire

Terry Collins has to manage without R.A. Dickey in 2013.

Appearing with hosts Jim Bowden and Casey Stern on SiriusXM, Terry Collins offered these thoughts on the trade of R.A. Dickey for prospects Travis d'Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard ...

Host/Casey Stern: “As a manager how much do you scratch some hair out thinking about how to replace 20 wins and a Cy Young performance at the front of your rotation?”

Collins: “First of all you think about how to replace the 240 innings. That’s where it’s got to start. ... Somebody’s got to step up, certainly. You’re looking at the likes of Johan [Santana] coming back after really a great first half last year, rested up the second half. I’m thinking obviously this year he should be ready to give us 200 innings. Dillon Gee’s coming back healthy, Jon Niese. We’re going to have to have Matt Harvey step up in his first full season at the big league level. And if he pitches like he did in the second half we’ll find somebody else to pick up our innings.”

Host/Jim Bowden: “Have you seen personally either d’Arnaud or Syndergaard and, if not, could you kind of convey how the front office has communicated their reports?”

Collins: “Jim, I have not seen them personally. ... You know, everybody today’s got tapes of everybody, so I saw them on film in Nashville [at the winter meetings]. I saw d’Arnaud play. But I’ll tell you what I did, I tried to do my homework in Nashville and went to a lot of the scouts that I know that were there that saw the [Pacific] Coast League, saw him play. A lot of guys saw him in Double-A. You know, it’s tough to find. Catcher’s a tough position to find. And when you can get possibly what a lot of guys said is the No. 1 catching prospect in all of baseball, that’s a huge improvement for us. I think it’s a great move for us to get him. He’s obviously got some power. He’s a good catcher. He’s got a good throwing arm. I saw Syndergaard on tape. He’s got a great arm, great sink. Again, when you’ve got Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler coming and now Noah Syndergaard, you’ve got a chance to have top three guys in your rotation, all power arms, all good stuff, can pitch for a long time. So it’s a great thought.”