TC polling players about Wright captaincy

JUPITER, Fla. -- David Wright still appears on track to be named captain before Opening Day, but the third baseman will not have a resolution before departing Saturday for the World Baseball Classic.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2012 STATS

  • GM156
  • HR21

  • RBI93

  • R91

  • OBP.391

  • AVG.306

Terry Collins does plan to have the issue settled before Opening Day. He has already initiated the process, which includes getting the blessing of veterans in the clubhouse. Those veterans include newcomers Marlon Byrd and LaTroy Hawkins, whom Collins figures have wisdom because of their experience in the game.

Wright sounded like he would like the honor, but made it clear he would like it to come from the players. He does not want it bestowed by team brass.

Wright said he personally has not been approached by Collins or anyone else about the captaincy.

“If it were to happen, and that’s a big if because I haven’t talked to anybody about it, I would want it to be a group decision, or be OK with my teammates,” Wright said. “It’s not something that should be anointed. Or, it’s not something that ownership or the front office or the manager for that matter should appoint you that. It’s got to be something that is OK with the clubhouse, because in my opinion that’s the most important.

“Obviously it would be a tremendous honor. I would take it very seriously and humbly. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Would he want a “C” on his jersey?

“Now we’re just talking about hypotheticals,” Wright said. “Like I said, I would leave that decision, if it were to happen, up to the powers from above. It would be an honor just to have that title, but we’ll see what happens.”