TC: Zack Wheeler like 2012 Matt Harvey

JUPITER, Fla. -- Terry Collins told Zack Wheeler to force the Mets to promote him from Triple-A Las Vegas to the majors.

Wheeler was redirected to minor league camp Sunday morning.

"I just told him I felt bad he didn't get a chance to pitch," Collins said, referring to the oblique injury that limited Wheeler to one Grapefruit League appearance. "The injury kept him back. But I said, 'You're sitting in the same seat Matt Harvey did last year. The one thing you've got to realize is that when you're ready to pitch, when you get into games when that season starts, pitch your way out of that league. If you force us to call you, we'll be calling you.'"

Collins said Wheeler certainly made a favorable impression, despite the limited exposure to spring-training games.

"He did a lot," Collins said. "We saw a great arm out of him. We know he's got the great arm. I thought he handled the situation in the clubhouse, you [media] guys. For his first camp, I thought he did a very, very good job of that. I know he's disappointed. He has every right to be. But he's going to get his chance. It's like Matt Harvey -- when he gets here, he'll never look back."