Wright vs. Cano: Who is better?

David Wright and Robinson Cano meet in a WBC battle on Thursday night. David Santiago/Getty Images

Robinson Cano enters Thursday night once again putting up numbers that seem more fitting for a Wiffle Ball Classic. Just like last September in the Bronx, when he hit .615 (24-for-39) in the final nine games of the regular season, Cano is abusing pitchers with ungodly numbers.

He is 16-for-26 so far in the Wiffle World Baseball Classic, which, wouldn’t you know it, works out to be a .615 average.

Meanwhile, David Wright hit a grand slam to beat Italy in the first round and has added another six RBIs, which gives him the most of any player in the tourney with 10. His average isn’t shabby either at .438.

The Mighty Cano vs. Captain America.

Get used to it, New York baseball fans.

This is the theme of Thursday night’s matchup, but it could be the foundation of a renewed Yankees-Mets rivalry over the coming years. If Cano re-signs with the Yankees, he will become the new face of the franchise. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez may still be around, but it is Cano, 30, who is the undisputed best player and, if inked, will be here for the long haul.

Wright, also 30, will be on the Mets’ marquee into the 2020s. His eight-year, $138 million deal guarantees that. If the Mets’ young pitching can eventually lead to a renaissance, Wright will have a chance to win a ring or two and really be the Mets' Jeter.

Wright and Cano are similar players. In 2012, according to FranGraphs, they both were worth 7.8 Wins Above Replacement. On Thursday, they will be the leading forces for each of their countries -- the USA and the Dominican Republic, respectively. They both have a special pride in doing so, and as key figures on the Big Apple baseball teams, they make for one of those beautiful New York baseball debates.

QUESTION: Who would you rather have over the next eight years? Cano or Wright?