Collins: opener 'W' important for credibility

Terry Collins recognizes Monday was only one of 162 games. But in a season with low outside expectations, a fast start is something the manager said the organization needs.

“It is Day 1. We’ve got a long way to go,” Collins said after the Mets beat the Padres, 11-2, on Opening Day. “We know we’re going to have some ups and we know we’re going to have some downs. But the one thing we’re trying to do is establish some credibility amongst our fans -- get them excited, as they were last year. But we want to finish it off this year. We want to make sure we continue to play as consistently in the second half as we do the first half.

"It’s Day 1, but a win’s a win. And we’ll take it whenever you can get it.

"I just thought it was a great start in a lot of ways today. Collin Cowgill took the opportunity and ran with it, which is what we talked about all spring long. We provide chances. Now what do you want to do with them?”