Pregame notes: Weather, sitting 'Spin

MINNEAPOLIS -- Sandy Alderson said he cannot fathom the upcoming series against the Colorado Rockies in Denver being preemptively moved to another location or rescheduled.

"Getting to another venue is remote, certainly within the immediate time frame of this series," the GM said.

Snow is forecast early in the series, and the low on Wednesday is predicted at 9 degrees.

Alderson said there is no set criteria for canceling a game because of cold, but there certainly is a threshold below which teams cannot play.

"Twenty-eight, 26, I don't know where you draw the line," Alderson said. "Nine would seem to qualify."

Alderson said the ultimate call should belong to the Rockies, with MLB and the Mets "interested parties" who likely would have input.

SPIN'S NOT IN: Terry Collins said he had no real debate about sitting Jordany Valdespin against left-hander Scott Diamond. Collins wanted Justin Turner to DH, noted Collin Cowgill is 3-for-3 career against Diamond and Lucas Duda is hitting lefties well, and believes Marlon Byrd is swinging OK. "Just the process of elimination," Collins said about Valdespin sitting.

FIRST THING? Asked what would happen if John Buck continued at this production level once Travis d'Arnaud is at the major league level in the second half, Collins said he could foresee both on the field at the same time, potentially with Buck seeing some action at first base. Buck, though, has never played anything but catcher in the field at the major league level.