TC not wavering on lineup shakeup

Terry Collins resolved to stick with newly crafted lineup Saturday, despite the configuration with Mike Baxter leading off, Daniel Murphy sliding to No. 3 and David Wright in the cleanup spot getting three-hit by Kyle Kendrick on Friday night.

"On a daily basis you put a lineup up there saying I want one of these guys to step up and start mashing and say, 'I'm taking this over,'" Collins said. "As I said last night, that team over there [the Phillies], I know that it's been a couple of years, but they won five years in a row. They're pretty good. And that guy pitched a great game. It wasn't that we put the wrong guys in the lineup. He pitched a great game. I'm not going to show panic by saying, 'Oh, now we've got to change the lineup again. That lineup didn't work.'

"You know what? We put Mike Baxter in that role because he's got a .395 [OBP]. So we'll try it again today and see how it looks."

Collins will shake things up Sunday, though. With the Mets facing left-hander Cole Hamels, Collins plans to use Juan Lagares in center field and Marlon Byrd in right field.

Lagares has only started one game since joining the club on Tuesday, despite the Mets facing all left-handed starters in the previous series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"There's a good chance he'll be in there tomorrow," Collins said.