Bud: Mets "deserve" All-Star Game

Commissioner Bud Selig recently officially awarded the 2012 All-Star Game to Kansas City, so announcing Citi Field as the host of the 2013 event won't be confirmed soon. Still, it's been widely reported for a couple of years that the Mets will play host to the All-Star Game in 2013, following Arizona next season and then K.C.

Selig, in explaining the decision to have old Yankee Stadium play host to the event in 2008, in the final year of that ballpark, and whether Citi Field also merited a game, offered this Tuesday in a briefing with national media:

"We went back to Yankee Stadium because it was the last year of what I believe was the most famous cathedral in American sports, and maybe the world," Selig said. "And I think it was appropriate to honor. Frankly, to be candid with you too, I did it because of George [Steinbrenner]. But the Mets have built a great new ballpark and, yes, they deserve an All-Star Game."