Wheeler gets cortisone shot, OK to throw

ST. LOUIS -- Zack Wheeler received a cortisone shot for "a little inflammation" in the AC

lastname Wheeler joint in the front of his right shoulder and will be free to resume throwing in 48 hours, assistant GM John Ricco said.

Wheeler is due to rejoin Triple-A Las Vegas today in Omaha. He will skip only one start, then reenter the rotation, Ricco said.

Wheeler was examined Wednesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. Doctors indicated they had seen similar inflammation in other pitchers and it was not alarming.

"I think we were somewhat conservative by having him checked out," Ricco said. "We still think it's the right decision."

Said Terry Collins: "I'm relieved. I'm very relieved. ... Any time you have a kid with that kind of talent, when they talk about arm stuff, especially when they talk about the shoulder area, it scares you to death. So it's great news. So he's going to miss a start. That's no big deal."