TC committed to Ike's weekend cleanup

ST. LOUIS -- Terry Collins plans to stick with Ike Davis in the cleanup spot through the weekend, or at least until the Mets face left-hander Travis Wood on Sunday.

That commitment comes despite Davis going 0-for-5 with four strikeouts Thursday, in the Mets' 5-2 win against the St. Louis Cardinals. Davis is hitless in his last 22 at-bats, dropping his average to .157.


The longest Mets hitless streaks of the past three seasons:

“Through this weekend,” Collins said. “I told him last week that this week, when we play against right-handed pitchers, he’s going to hit fourth. That’s where he belongs. And that’s where he’s supposed to hit.”

Said Davis: “Today was an awful day. I can’t really say anything else. Just really bad. But as far as this trip, it’s probably the best I’ve hit the ball -- besides today. I just didn’t get any hits. I’ll keep working. Obviously it’s not good to strike out four times in any game.”

Collins said teams are giving Davis a steady dose of off-speed pitches. Davis said that's only partially true. He's missing fastballs early in the count, then at the pitchers' mercy for off-speed pitches with two strikes.

"It's not the off-speed that I'm missing," Davis said. "I'm missing the fastballs. When you miss the fastballs, they have pretty good off-speed pitches in the big leagues. And when you have two strikes, you've got to protect [against] the fastball at 97 mph. And then there's a good off-speed pitch. The bottom line is I need to hit the pitch earlier in the count that's over the plate, and hit it in fair play."