Mets appealing Harvey earned run

CHICAGO -- The Mets are appealing to Major League Baseball to slice Matt Harvey's ERA from 1.55 to 1.41, which would be within one point of the major league lead shared Clayton Kershaw and Shelby Miller.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

#33 SP
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM9
  • W5

  • L0

  • BB14

  • K68

  • ERA1.55

The thrust of the argument is that there should have been a straight error on Ruben Tejada's throw that bounced past Ike Davis and allowed Anthony Rizzo to score from second base in the first inning Friday. Instead, Alfonso Soriano was awarded an infield hit. There also was an E-6 charged for allowing Rizzo to score from second base.

In essence, official scorers are asked to reconstruct what would have happened had a previous error not been committed.

The infield-hit designation meant there should have been only one out, in the scorer's estimation, when ensuing batter Nate Schierholtz sent a line drive to center field.

Had there been a straight E-6 designation, Schierholtz's subsequent lineout to Rick Ankiel would have been the third out of the reconstructed inning and Rizzo would have been stranded at third base -- making Rizzo's run unearned.

Even with the infield-hit designation, which meant there should have been only one with Rizzo at third base leading into Schierholtz's lineout to center, Harvey got an unfavorable ruling. The scorer decided Rizzo -- had he been at third base and not scored on the error -- would have then come home on Schierholtz's liner to Ankiel as a sacrifice fly.

Would Rizzo probably have scored on the shallow lineout to the strong-armed Ankiel? Probably not. But the scorer deemed otherwise.