Collins: Have to focus on what's best for Ike

As Terry Collins watched Ike Davis record a golden sombrero on Friday night, the Mets manager couldn't help but think about whether it was time to finally demote Davis to Triple-A.

"When you saw what he did last night you say to yourself, ‘Is this the time? Is now the time?’" Collins said Saturday afternoon. "Right now the focus has to be on what’s best for Ike Davis and his baseball future because he’s a big piece of this puzzle. It’s eating him up and that’s where you’re concerned because again, when all is said and done, he’s a human being. He’s a guy that’s trying his heart out."

With his 0-for-4 performance in Friday night's suspended game, Davis now has one hit in his last 42 at-bats, while also carrying an 0-for-25 stretch with runners in scoring position. He has just one extra-base hit and one RBI in May and has done nothing to quell the talks about sending him down to Triple-A in hopes that he can right the ship.

"He’s struggling and these guys are bothered by the fact they’re not helping their teammates. He’s one of the best teammates and that’s why he stayed on this club last year," Collins said. "So again we’ll hopefully see in the next few days where we stand and where it’s at and let him have a chance to take into the game what he tried to work on last night and see if it works."

Collins said there was no extra discussion about sending Davis to Triple-A after Friday's game, adding that the team has already had enough discussions about that topic. While there are questions about possibly remaking Davis' swing, Collins said it's been attempted long before now, and that's not something they have the time for at the major league level. He said it could "maybe" be done in Triple-A.

"We’re not getting it done as hard as we’ve tried and as hard as Ike’s trying," Collins said. "Last night he went into the cage and worked on a few things that hopefully he’s going to take into the game today, he said. It’s tough to do, it’s really tough to do because once you get in the batter’s box you can only do one thing and that’s see the ball. So we’ll see what happens today."

BULLPEN SITUATION: Bobby Parnell will start the ninth inning in the suspended game, as he was scheduled to enter Friday's game before it got suspended. Collins said he should probably have Parnell available for the second game, as long as he only pitches one inning in the suspended game.

"I'm kind of trying to make it the same as a relief appearance," Parnell said. "I threw early and I go down there and do my routine in a little while and then get up 10-15 minutes before the game starts and finish the routine."

If the Mets need length in the first game, Collins said they can turn to Collin McHugh and Robert Carson. He said all the relievers who pitched Friday (Greg Burke, LaTroy Hawkins and Scott Rice) should be available for the second game.

Collins said if the suspended game goes deep into extra innings, it would probably affect the team more during its upcoming four-game set against the Yankees.