Harvey will pitch if game proceeds

NEW YORK -- If rain does not postpone Thursday's Mets-Cardinals game, Terry Collins plans to send Matt Harvey to the mound. Collins said he cannot worry about an in-game stoppage forcing Harvey to have an unintended abbreviated outing.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

#33 SP
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM13
  • W5

  • L0

  • BB19

  • K95

  • ERA2.10

"We can't predict that it's not going to rain, or that it's going to rain," Collins said. "... So you're saying you've got to save Matt when you don't know what tomorrow brings. We'll get ready just like any other day, and we'll get him ready to pitch. If he goes three or four and the rains come in and we have to shut him down, we'll have to shut him down. We'll go from there. At least it keeps us on track. We don't have to keep shuffling the rotation, which messes up three or four guys."

Collins said Harvey would not be reinserted after a notable rain delay.

"In his case, if there is a stoppage during the game, knowing this guy, he's going to want to go back out there," Collins said. "I'm telling you: Depending on how long the stoppage will be will determine whether he does. But I will tell you: It can be two hours and he thinks he's going to go back out. That's the issue you end up dealing with. And you just have to use common sense and take a look at the big picture and say we're not going to subject this guy to getting cooled down as long as he's going to be cooled down and run him back out there. We're just not going to get him hurt.

"As much as we need the game, as good as he is, it's the long term we have to consider."

Collins said if there is a rainout today, Harvey would pitch Friday and others would be pushed back a day as well.

The Mets already have the most rainouts in the majors -- six.

"I wish I could use it as an excuse, but it's been very disruptive, to be honest," Collins said. "Sometimes you can get some momentum. We've had to back up our pitching. We've had to change lineups due to other teams' pitching rotations. Again, this is a game of guys getting into routines. And part of it is coming to the park knowing you're playing and getting into these routines. With all the things we've had to deal with, it's never been a consistent basis up until this point."