Diamondbacks GM PC on Haren

Arizona Diamondbacks interim GM Jerry DiPoto, a former reliever for the Mets, was close to the vest when asked whether he intended to trade right-hander Dan Haren before the July 31 deadline. The Mets are scheduled to face Haren in Wednesday's series finale.

Dan Haren

Starting Pitcher
Arizona Diamondbacks


"As it pertains to Danny, or any of our players, I think in the best interest of the Diamondbacks and the just pace of doing business, it's best to keep that internal. Obviously we have players who have a good deal of market value. We understand what their value is. We also understand what their value is to this club, and we want to preserve that. And in as many instances as we can, we want to make sure that we march forward with the same guys that we believe in. And we believe this group has a tremendous amount of talent. And I think we've understood that for a number of years. Now we need to put the other pieces in place that will help them get over the top."

Speaking specifically about Haren, DiPoto added: "We know the value that he would carry in a deal. We also know the value that he carries every fifth day when he walks out there and starts for us. And we have to understand both of those."

It won't be the first time the Mets get an up-close look at a potential on-the-market starting pitcher. They faced Kevin Millwood in Baltimore and Jake Westbrook in Cleveland, neither of whom was overly impressive.

"Who are we looking at?" Manuel asked dryly.