Mets at trade deadline may stand pat

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Tim Byrdak might be more likely to be traded than Marlon Byrd or Daniel Murphy, but the Mets may just stand pat, too.MILWAUKEE -- With the July 31 trade deadline three weeks away, will the Mets be buyers or sellers?

Maybe neither, according to a team insider.

Yes, Mets officials are expected to keep tabs with the Colorado Rockies about Carlos Gonzalez and the Los Angeles Dodgers about Andre Ethier. But given the tight nature of the NL West standings, those players very well won't get traded anywhere, much less to the Mets. And there is no indication Giancarlo Stanton gets traded, either.

As for the seller aspect, the Mets held on to Scott Hairston at last year's deadline, trying to maintain competitiveness even though they were all but out of the postseason race.

The same may be the case this year, when the Mets could hold onto Marlon Byrd, even though he would appear to have increased his trade value with continued solid play.

The logic: Byrd is not making much -- $700,000 -- so this is not a case like 2003, when the Mets did salary dumps of Jeromy Burnitz and Roberto Alomar, among others. The Mets would need to be persuaded to part with Byrd and sacrifice 2013 competitiveness by getting something valuable that would help them in future seasons, not just a token minor leaguer.

None of the other players in the final year of contracts are making handsome sums either, with the exception of Shaun Marcum ($4 million base), who would not have any trade value, and John Buck ($6 million). In Buck's case, the Mets might not be able to part with him anyway, since Travis d'Arnaud's fractured foot has been slow to heal and he is now a September call-up as a best-case scenario.

As for whether the Mets would trade a controllable player such as Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell or Ike Davis, a team insider said they are not actively shopping anyone. So any pitch from another team to the Mets would need to make sense for future seasons.

One other wrinkle to watch: The Mets are likely to call up a veteran left-handed reliever -- probably Tim Byrdak over Pedro Feliciano -- at some point in the next three weeks. That could establish some value for a trade for a team looking for a situational lefty.

The teams most actively looking to dump players are the Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs. The Brewers have let it be known they would trade anyone but Ryan Braun, Jonathan Lucroy and Jean Segura.