Wright on injured foot: 'It's good'

NEW YORK -- New York Mets third baseman David Wright has been playing through a foot injury, manager Terry Collins told USA Today.

“He’s got a foot that’s killing him, but he never says anything,” Collins told the newspaper. “It’s the same as two years ago, he’s playing three weeks with a broken back. Even when we have a bad game, he won’t come out because he thinks he needs to be there for his teammates.

“I knew he was a good player before I got here, but didn’t realize his preparation, and desire to be that guy in tough situations. This organization is damn lucky to have him.”

Asked about the injury Monday, Wright said: “It’s good. It’s good. It hasn’t given me any problems, so it’ll be nice to get a few days off. I don’t know what exactly happened. It’s nothing that’s prohibiting me from doing anything. Plus, HIPAA doesn’t let me talk about injuries either.”

Wright is slated to hit fourth for the National League in the Home Run Derby Monday night. He’ll hit cleanup and start at third base in the All-Star Game Tuesday night.