Parnell: Bad luck, not bad pitching

NEW YORK -- Bobby Parnell said he would not have changed much about how he pitched Monday, even though he surrendered two ninth-inning runs in what became a 2-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field.

“I didn’t feel like I gave up any hard-hit balls,” Parnell said. “They just, unfortunately, got through. I wouldn’t have done anything different, I don’t think.

Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell

#39 RP
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM44
  • W5

  • L5

  • BB10

  • K38

  • ERA2.40

“I didn’t walk anybody. I didn’t give up free bases. I attacked the zone. Unfortunately it just wasn’t my day.”

Brian McCann began the ninth inning with a single through the left side of the infield, which Terry Collins said probably would have been gobbled up by shortstop Omar Quintanilla had the Mets not been playing a heavy shift. With Marlon Byrd then playing deep in right field with the Mets in no-doubles defense, Evan Gattis dropped a single in front of him.

Both runners advanced when Parnell’s fastball to John Buck up in the zone surprised the catcher and resulted in a one-out passed ball.

“I thought I saw fastball and he said it was curveball,” Parnell said. “We don’t know who was right and who was wrong. We’re not going to worry about it, and get them tomorrow.”

Said Buck: “We just got crossed up.”

With two runners in scoring position, Chris Johnson delivered a run-scoring groundout to shortstop. Pinch-hitter Reed Johnson then delivered a go-ahead RBI single.

Collins said the Mets could not have played the full infield in with two runners in scoring position and the Mets clinging to a 1-0 lead with one out because it would have been inviting two runs to score.

“You can have the corners in to see if you can cut down the tying run, but you can’t bring the infield in,” the manager said. “It’s not the groundball that gets through you worry about -- it’s the jam-shot bloop that barely gets to the outfield grass as much as a groundball that gets through the infield. Hopefully you can maybe get a popup or a strikeout. You know what? We didn’t get the next guy out, either, so it really doesn’t matter.”