Collins on Ike's boos: Nature of the game

NEW YORK -- After driving in the winning run in Tuesday's 4-1 win over the Braves, Ike Davis shared his thoughts on being constantly booed in his home ballpark.

"I’m just going with, I’m an away player now," Davis said with a laugh "so it doesn’t really affect me."

Wednesday, Mets manager Terry Collins acknowledged the tough situation facing Davis.

"I want to answer this correctly. I understand, I’m here, I listen to it, I hear it, I hear the comments. There are a lot of people who sit right next to the dugout who have things to say, and as Ike knows it comes with the territory.

Ike Davis

Ike Davis

#29 1B
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM69
  • HR5

  • RBI20

  • R23

  • OBP.264

  • AVG.177

"Last year in the first half, he got booed. [When] he started hitting homers he got cheered. It’s just the nature of the game," Collins said. "You can’t let their reactions dictate or add extra pressure. You still have to go up there and put a good at-bat on, see the ball, put the barrel to it and when that starts happening, they’re going to start cheering. But when you become a somewhat star like Ike Davis and you don’t play good, I mean, the greatest players in the game get booed. It just happens."

Davis, who was sent to the minor leagues in June, is hitting .256 (10-for-39) since returning on July 5. He's part of a platoon, even though the Mets won't call it that, with Josh Satin at first base. Davis plays against the righties while Satin, who is having the better year so far, hits against the lefties. Davis has yet to hit a home run since returning, and has a just five on the season.

"Well he hasn’t had a lot of at bats since he’s been back. I thought the ball he hit last night, one of the things with Ike’s swing the way he swings, he does hit a lot of balls with top spin that aren’t going to carry as much," Collins said about Davis' lack of homers since returning. "What we want to get him to try to do is to get some balls in the middle part of that ball where they can backspin and get some carry. But he’s going to hit homers. He’s big and strong. If he keeps putting the ball on the barrel, he’s going to get some homers."

Collins added that he understood why Davis tried to lay down a bunt in Tuesday's game. Facing a shift, Davis tried to drop one down to the left side but he instead hit it right back to the pitcher.

"I didn’t necessarily agree with it, I understood why he did it. He was trying to get on base, I totally understand that," Collins said. "But as I said after the game, if Ike wants to get bunt singles, they’re going to let him get bunt singles. He’s not going to steal second, he’s not going to score on a single from first. But if there’s situations where we’re going to need a base runner and they’re going to let him get on first, then get on first. But I think there will be situations where I would prefer that he swing. I understand completely what he did, but his game is going to be him doing some damage."