TC on Tejada: Too many fly balls

PHOENIX -- Terry Collins said his reports on Ruben Tejada from Triple-A Las Vegas indicate the struggling shortstop is hitting too many fly balls.

Tejada is 4-for-his-last-52, dropping his Pacific Coast League average to .257.

Collins speculated the nosedive may be the result of Tejada wearing down playing in the oppressive Vegas heat. The manager suggested Tejada would have returned to the majors by now had his performance been better.

Holding pattern: John Buck's wife still has not given birth to the couple's third child in New York. As a result, Buck has yet to go on paternity leave and Travis d'Arnaud has yet to be promoted from Vegas.

"Believe me, there's only one person more miserable than John Buck, and that's Mrs. Buck," Collins quipped.

Happy birthday ... not: Edgardo Alfonzo tweeted that this is actually not his birthday. It's 11/8, not 8/11, he tweeted. The Mets tweeted a happy birthday message to Fonzie today, and baseball databases list his birthday as Aug. 11.