Wright unimpressed by 3rd-place finish

NEW YORK -- After four straight fourth-place finishes, the Mets topped the Phillies by a game in the NL East this season and placed third.

But count David Wright unenthusiastic.

"We're still going home tomorrow," Wright said after the Mets' season-ending 3-2 win against the Milwaukee Brewers. "I guess finishing in third in the Central would have been good this year, because they're going to the playoffs. Like I said, that's just those little things that if you want to use that to make you feel better about yourself, then that's fine. I don't necessarily think it's all that important.

"We finished with a win. That's always nice. But the bottom line is we're going home, just like the majority of the teams in the National League tomorrow. There's not too much to smile about with that."