Brewers GM sees potential match with Mets

Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin acknowledged a trade is possible with the Mets, since

lastname Melvin his club needs a first baseman and the Mets are looking to peddle Ike Davis or Lucas Duda.

"They've indicated that they have extra first basemen, and we have a need," Melvin told MLB.com. "Again, it's all about keeping your options open. ... Nothing imminent, and I don't anticipate anything imminent. But first base is one of our needs, they have excess first basemen, so you can tie two and two together -- and come up with three."

The Mets appear to prefer trading Davis. Still, a team insider consistently has said the Mets will see what the club is offered for Davis and Duda and make a determination based on which yields more in return relative to how the player is viewed internally.

A team insider confirmed the Astros, Orioles, Rays and Rockies also have had at least preliminary dialogue with the Mets about first base.