Hall of Fame ballot released

Here is the new Hall of Fame ballot (with number of years on ballot and last year's percentage of votes achieved). Voters may select from zero to as many as 10.

Being named on 75 percent of ballots results in election. Appearing on a minimum of 5 percent of ballots cast is required to remain on the ballot the following year. Candidates may appear on as many as 15 ballots before dropping off if they fail to achieve 75 percent.

Moises Alou, 1st year on ballot

Jeff Bagwell, 4th, 59.6%

Armando Benitez, 1st

Craig Biggio, 2nd, 68.2%

Barry Bonds, 2nd, 36.2%

Sean Casey, 1st

Roger Clemens, 2nd, 37.6%

Ray Durham, 1st

Eric Gagne, 1st

Tom Glavine, 1st

Luis Gonzalez, 1st

Jacque Jones, 1st

Todd Jones, 1st

Jeff Kent, 1st

Paul Lo Duca, 1st

Greg Maddux, 1st

Edgar Martinez, 5th, 35.9%

Don Mattingly, 14th, 13.2%

Fred McGriff, 5th, 20.7%

Mark McGwire, 8th, 16.9%

Jack Morris, 15th, 67.7%

Mike Mussina, 1st

Hideo Nomo, 1st

Rafael Palmeiro, 4th, 8.8%

Mike Piazza, 2nd, 57.8%

Tim Raines, 7th, 52.2%

Kenny Rogers, 1st

Curt Schilling, 2nd, 38.8%

Richie Sexson, 1st

Lee Smith, 12th, 47.8%

J.T. Snow, 1st

Sammy Sosa, 2nd, 12.5%

Frank Thomas, 1st

Mike Timlin, 1st

Alan Trammell, 13th, 33.6%

Larry Walker, 4th, 21.6%

Which 0-10 players would you put on your Hall of Fame ballot?