Mets payroll currently $86.2 million

With a flurry of arbitration-eligible players agreeing to terms, here is the current 2014 payroll calculation for the Mets:

Existing contracts:

David Wright $20M

Curtis Granderson $13M

Bartolo Colon $9M

Chris Young $7.25M

Daniel Murphy $5.7M

Jonathon Niese $5M

Bobby Parnell $3.7M

Ike Davis $3.5M

Eric Young Jr. $1.85M

Ruben Tejada $1.1M

Subtotal: $70.1M

Unresolved arbitration-eligible player estimates (via Pace Law and MLBTradeRumors.com):

Dillon Gee $3.55M

Lucas Duda $1.8M

Subtotal: $5.35M

To round out the roster, you need to add 13 players, at least at the $500,000 major league minimum, for an additional $6.5 million.

Additionally, since you are paying more than 25 players at any given time since some land on the disabled list, you need to factor that in as well. A team official estimated that cost at $4 million to $4.5 million a season. So we'll take the midpoint: $4.25 million.

So the rough calculation at this point is the Mets have a payroll of $86.2 million.