Video: Frenchy twists

Jeff Francoeur postgame (2:01)

Francoeur discusses his home run as the Mets defeat the Phillies 1-0 (2:01)

Jeff Francoeur discusses what he described as a rough day Saturday. The right fielder awoke to news that friend Alex Cora was being released. He also learned Fernando Martinez was being promoted.

During a subsequent meeting with Jerry Manuel, Francoeur was informed he would now only be starting against left-handed pitchers. Francoeur had a similar meeeting with Manuel upon Carlos Beltran's return from the disabled list as the Mets prepared to disperse for the All-Star break, but this one stung more, Francoeuer indicated, because he felt like he has been hitting well. (The last time, Jason Bay then suffered a concussion shortly afterward and playing time reopened.)

On Saturday, Francoeur had a text message offering congratulations for the homer waiting for him from Cora when he returned to his locker after the 1-0 victory.