Collins to save major speech for later

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Terry Collins is eager to stage the Mets' first full-squad workout Saturday. But the manager plans to save his big address to his team for later in camp, when the current 64 players is whittled to less than half that size.

"Tomorrow is going to be a pretty low-key message. The big message will be made later in the spring," Collins said Friday afternoon. "... When we get it to 30, 28 -- when it's down there -- then I'll have something to say, because then it has a little bit more meaning. Some of these guys are going to be gone in 10 days or two weeks or whatever it may be. So I'm going to hold off on the big message."

With the arrivals of Omar Quintanilla and Wilfredo Tovar, the Mets were 64-for-64 in players reporting on time.

"The reason why spring training is six weeks long is for pitchers. I'm aware of that," Collins said. "And it's nice to get them going and get them out there and get them prepared. But it's about the team. When the team shows up, there's a little more energy in spring training than there has been for the last five days. And rightly so. It should be like that."