Peralta acknowledges Mets, Yanks interest

JUPITER, Fla. -- Jhonny Peralta, who signed with the St. Louis Cardinals when they offered a four-year, $53 million deal, had inferior offers from the Mets and Yankees.

Jhonny Peralta

Jhonny Peralta

#27 SS
St. Louis Cardinals

2013 STATS

  • GM107
  • HR11

  • RBI55

  • R50

  • OBP.358

  • AVG.303

“The Mets talked to my agent, but the offer they made was not really good. But they were really serious,” Peralta told the Post on Sunday. “The Mets came in first and they offered only two years and the Yankees offered three, but I decided to come here to the Cardinals.

“The Mets said they had a little problem with [Ruben] Tejada and they were looking for a shortstop. The situation for the Yankees was a little bit different because they wanted me to play third base and shortstop. They were looking more for third base.

“I would have liked to play in New York, because I have a lot of family there. But I wanted to play for the Cardinals a long time ago, so it’s good that I decided to come here.”