Boras: Mets 'have certainly had dialogue'

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Scott Boras, who represents free-agent Stephen Drew, indicated he has engaged in discussions with the Mets.

"I have certainly had dialogue with them," Boras told Anthony Rieber in Newsday on Friday. "The message has always been that they have interest in Stephen but they wanted to see how things went in spring training."

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Scott Boras addressed Stephen Drew's free agency with Newsday on Friday.

Asked about the draft-pick forfeiture attached to Drew dissuading teams from bidding, Boras instead told Rieber: "The bigger issue is the credibility of the teams that are deficient. They have known weaknesses. We're talking about a shortstop that's in the top eight in baseball, is fourth in OPS, drove in [67] runs last year and is one of the better defenders at his position. When these players are available and clubs that have weaknesses are not pursuing them, a question of the integrity of what the goals of the organization are come to mind. I think the fans have to appraise that because if winning is the goal, certainly these players are major factors in whether or not a club can win or not."

Asked if he was talking about the Mets, Boras added to Newsday: "I'm not speaking about anyone specifically. I'm just speaking generally about the reason that these players are coveted, the reason that these players are so valuable, the reason they sign late, is teams get to look in spring training and the obvious weaknesses of clubs is revealed. The fans of the respective teams really get to look inside what can really help their team and the fact that this talent is available. And there are those teams that this talent is available without the detriment of losing a first-round pick. It's rare that you have that opportunity."