Kelly gets call as Mets' replay man

The debut of Major League Baseball's new instant replay system means new responsibilities for Mets advance scout Jim Kelly.

Kelly will be the one glued to a television monitor inside the clubhouse, looking for plays and calls worth challenging.

"Obviously, we think he's gonna do a very, very good job," manager Terry Collins said Monday. "He's familiar with the system, he's familiar with what can be reviewed and what can't."

Kelly will communicate with Collins via a red phone located inside the dugout. "One of the things that certainly we'll see, is to work out the kinks in the communication and the speed of which we get that information," Collins said. "I think it's all a work in progress for a lot of people."

Collins seems happy about the new system overall.

"Listening to the conference calls we've had on it, I think you're gonna see some cautiousness early," he said. "But I think the technology's gonna help make the game better."