Nunez to the Mets? Why not?

HOUSTON -- Hmmm, which team in baseball could use a starting shortstop?

Maybe one that has gone out of its way to say that their current starting shortstop is not that great? Eduardo Nunez to the Mets, anyone?

Nunez is not perfect. If he were, the Yankees wouldn't be designating him for assignment. But he still is just 26 years old, and even Brian Cashman, the man who made the decision to get rid of him, thought that Nunez could benefit and strive someplace else.

"He possesses a great deal of talent," Cashman said. "You can dream on him. We have, as a potential everyday shortstop. All that talent is still there."

It remains to be seen if Nunez could really be an everyday player. He is unsteady in the field and not as good of a hitter as some think. Still, his career OPS is .692, while Ruben Tejada's is .642.

If you are the Mets, it is a perfect buy-low move. Would Cashman care about dealing Nunez to the Mets? If the Boss were around, he might. But Cashman is more practical, and if the Mets offered the most, I think he would do it.

Question: Should the Mets go after Nunez?