Juan to be part of CY, EY outfield rotation

PHOENIX -- Terry Collins suggested Curtis Granderson likely would remain an everyday player once Chris Young returns from the disabled list. The manager projected a rotation of Juan Lagares, Eric Young Jr. and C.Y. in the other two outfield positions.

C.Y. (quadriceps) is expected to join the Mets in Arizona and be activated from the disabled list on Friday, when the Mets open a series at Citi Field against the Atlanta Braves.

"I'm going to tell you: The only way to get out of a slump is to work your way out of it," Collins said about Granderson, who is hitting .159 with one homer and three RBIs entering Monday's series opener against the Diamondbacks. "Sitting down right now? Not to those kind of guys. That doesn't help them. Like it eases their mind? It doesn't. It doesn't by any means. The only way they get out of stuff is they've got to go play and they've got to go hit. When they start swinging it, they're dangerous. And that's why we're going to keep him in there."

Speaking about Lagares, who is hitting .319 and playing tremendous defense, Collins said: "I wouldn't say he's going to be in there more than necessarily anybody else because I'm going to try to give each of those guys a blow now and then to try to keep them fresh. When Chris gets back, I'm going to have a meeting with those four guys ... and try to explain how we're going to run it. It's going to be a juggling game that hopefully we'll have success doing it. Each guy will be refreshed."

Collins added that the nonstarter still is liable to see action.

"One of the easiest things about the National League is when you give one of your good players a day off, you can dictate when he's going to hit," Collins said. "You always tell them, 'Hey, I can put you up in the biggest situation of the game, which you may not be in, in a normal circumstance.' It kind of keeps them ready every day."

Andrew Brown would seem the most logical player to get demoted Friday when the Mets need the roster spot, rather than doing something more dramatic involving Ike Davis or Lucas Duda. That first-base demotion could occur later this month, assuming 40-year-old Bobby Abreu is promoted from Triple-A Las Vegas to serve as a lefty bat for the bench.