MLB aims to trim getaway-day night games

DENVER -- Twice this season, the Mets have faced night East Coast road games, followed by games on the opposite side of the country the following day.

The first instance came when the Mets played in Atlanta one night, then Anaheim the next. Then, this week, the Mets had a night game scheduled in Philadelphia, then one the following day in Colorado.

Despite teams liking night games for revenue purposes (TV ratings and attendance), commissioner Bud Selig said there will be a movement toward day games on getaway days in such instances.

“I understand that problem. I talk to the clubs all the time,” Selig said Friday at Coors Field. “I used to always play Thursday afternoon games [as Brewers owner], even when I didn’t have to, because I just felt that was fair to the visiting club. And I like a day game once in a while. But there are some clubs because of television that worry about that. We’re talking to the clubs about that. That’s a worthy subject.

“I hope that we can eliminate most of the problems.”