Mets pitchers remain 0-for-2014 at plate

MIAMI -- Terry Collins said the coaching staff will try to give the team’s pitchers more batting work outdoors once the Mets get to Citi Field this weekend.

After Bartolo Colon went 0-for-2 in Tuesday’s loss, Mets pitchers are now hitless in 56 at-bats in 2014. That’s a major-league record by a pitching staff at the plate to open a season.

“We stress from the first day of spring training that pitchers have got to be a little more athletic. They’ve got to handle the bat a little bit better,” Collins said. “We hit every day, like everybody does. We bunt. We run the bases. We do all the things that everybody else does. We just haven’t put the ball in play. Jon Niese, I think he’s got four bases on balls, but we don’t have any hits.

“So we’re going to change up some things when we get home, see if we can get them out on the field a little bit more and see if that will help.”

Colon struck out twice Tuesday, with his helmet flying off during his first K.

“I’m not a good hitter. This is new for me,” Colon, who had not been in the National League since 2002 with Montreal, said through an interpreter. “I’m trying to get used to the fact that I’m now going to have to hit. This is all new for me. Every pitcher that I now face is new for me.”