Alderson: Collins has done 'excellent' job

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Terry Collins has done an "excellent" job, boss Sandy Alderson said.NEW YORK -- Sandy Alderson offered no indication Terry Collins is in danger of losing his job, despite the Mets entering the Subway Series with a 17-19 record.

"Terry has done an excellent job. I've said that over three-plus seasons," Alderson said Monday afternoon. "I was at a wedding in Santa Cruz, Calif., on Friday and Saturday. So I understand there may have been a lot of Twitter traffic or what have you [about Collins' future]. I'm not sure how well-founded that all was. But Terry has done an outstanding job. First and foremost, he keeps our players motivated. We talk a lot about the fact that it's a long season. And getting the most out of our players is probably the most important leadership issue that a manager faces.

"We can all disagree from time to time on field strategy. That happens. I'm sure it happens with fans. It happens with everyone. And it happens with me. We talk about it from time to time. But those are incidental. Those are from time to time. And those are more about educating me and others and just talking about things. It happens. It's human nature.

"Nobody likes to lose three one-run games in a row. There's got to be a reason for it. There's got to be somebody who's culpable. That's kind of how we are as a society. And we're all frustrated. And we're all taking out our frustration on somebody else because it's the only way that we can actually manage it. That happens."

As for his impression of the Mets through 36 games, Alderson added: "One can be pessimistic or optimistic based on the basis of any record, I guess. We are where we are based on what appears to be meager offense, poor bullpen and solid starting pitching. The starting pitching actually has been very good. Most of our guys have made every start. Our guys have pitched well in virtually every start.

"The bullpen has been inconsistent. What I'm concerned about more with the bullpen are two things. No. 1, inconsistency. And, No. 2, we don't have a guy we can count on in the ninth inning. And I think that colors everything. So that's something we have to address. And it can't be addressed externally at this point. It may not be able to be addressed externally. We have to do it internally.

"Offensively, while the batting average has been relatively low, we've actually scored runs at a higher rate than you would expect. We haven't hit for much power. We have scored runs in roughly the middle of the pack. So that gives me some optimism that if the batting average comes up somewhat, if we start to show a little power, those run-production numbers -- which really are the ones that count -- will also improve."