Mattingly: Nothing wrong with Citi Field

NEW YORK -- Citi Field has been kind to Don Mattingly and his Los Angeles Dodgers. So it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Mattingly would be kind to Citi Field.

His Dodgers had won eight of their last nine games there, entering play Thursday night. They scored 13 runs in the first two games of this week's series with the New York Mets, hitting four home runs.

So no, Mattingly doesn't think there's anything wrong with the way the Mets' ballpark plays.

"It looks big, and it probably plays really big when it's cold," the Dodgers' manager said. "But I like it. It seems fair. Oakland plays a lot bigger than this. If you hit it here, it'll go.

"To me, this is a ballpark you can win with, if you're going with pitching."

He meant that the home team should be able to win with it, something the Mets have struggled to do. They entered play Thursday with a 9-14 home record, and while their OPS in away games was .700, their home OPS (.610) was the worst in the majors.

The ballpark's dimensions have once again become a popular topic of conversation, with people asking whether the team should consider moving the fences in for what would be the second time at the six-year-old park.

Mattingly, not surprisingly, doesn't think it's necessary. His team has had no problem here.