Darling backs Mex in Hudgens squabble

NEW YORK -- SNY teammate Ron Darling defended Keith Hernandez's pointed on-air critiques of the team's hitting philosophy after fired hitting coach Dave Hudgens took swipes at the popular broadcast team.

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Ron Darling came to the defense of SNY and former '86 teammate Keith Hernandez on Tuesday.

"If you look at Keith's career, Keith was the poster boy for what they do. He's already done it," Darling told Newsday. "These guys aspire to do it. I think that Keith is probably the best person to talk about how you get on base, but at the same time the aggressiveness with which you can do that. So I don't know anyone better to speak about it."

Hudgens again expressed displeasure with SNY on Tuesday, albeit in a slightly less confrontational tone, telling The Michael Kay Show: "It’s not so much what they said. It’s the constant negativity.

"The reason I hear it all the time is because when our team is in the field, I look at all of our at-bats on video. And the TV is always on. A lot of the hitters are up there too, a lot of the guys that aren’t playing. Everybody hears it. I’m not going to say it's any one thing, and I’ve got respect for those guys as players. No doubt. Keith Hernandez was a great player, a Gold Glove guy, a World Series champion, on-the-cusp-of-the-Hall-of-Fame type of player. It’s just you don’t like to hear the negativity all the time. It gets into the fans. It’s just something that isn’t part of what I’m about.”