Black zigzags U.S., eats Whataburger (twice)

Vic Black

Vic Black

#38 RP
New York Mets

2014 STATS

  • GM-
  • W-

  • L-

  • BB-

  • K-

  • ERA-

NEW YORK -- Vic Black flew in from Las Vegas to serve as the 26th man for Sunday's doubleheader at Citi Field. He warmed up in the bullpen but went unused, then did a U-turn and returned to Triple-A. But on Monday evening, Jose Valverde was dumped by Sandy Alderson and Black was summoned to return.

So, since Saturday morning, Black's itinerary has included flying from Vegas to New York, New York via Dallas to El Paso, and El Paso via Atlanta to New York.

He hasn't actually pitched in a game in a full week, since appearing last Tuesday for Las Vegas at Fresno.

The redeeming thing about zigzagging the country (aside, presumably, from mega frequent flier miles)? Getting to eat two meals in one day at a Whataburger chain restaurant in his native Texas.

"It's been an interesting few days," Black said. "To tell you the truth, sleep-schedule-wise, I've just been going on three-hour naps. It hasn't felt like nighttime. It's just like constant daytime. But I did get to eat a Whataburger twice yesterday. That was the highlight."