Harvey: Mets pitchers not protecting Wright

NEW YORK -- David Wright has been getting his share of up-and-in pitches recently, including from Matt Cain in San Francisco and Milwaukee's Wily Peralta on Wednesday. And powerless Matt Harvey has seen enough.

lastname Wright

lastname Harvey “It’s hard for me to watch David keep getting pushed back," Harvey told the Daily News. “I’m not happy about it. It’s not right how guys are being able to manipulate his entire at-bat by pitching him up and in. It’s tough for him. He’s had to adapt to a different style. And it’s frustrating to watch from the sidelines and not be able to do something about it.

“When it would happen once in a while last year, I’d be the first guy to throw one behind somebody’s ear. And I don’t forget. Once I’m back I’ll be excited about getting the chance to help the captain.’’

Why hasn't more been done by Mets pitchers?

"It’s out there, everybody knows," Harvey told the newspaper. "If guys don’t know by now that something needs to be done, it’s going to continue to happen and that’s not acceptable."