Matt Harvey in holding pattern

MIAMI -- Matt Harvey continues to long toss on flat ground, including Thursday at Marlins Park while visiting teammates. When will he get on a mound? No one in uniform seems to know.

lastname Harvey One team insider said Harvey is "waiting for the powers that be to give a date" for him to begin throwing off a mound.

Harvey had expected to begin the mound activity last Monday as a step toward making five to seven major league starts this season, but the front office put it on hold.

Sandy Alderson recently indicated that Harvey, as a precaution, would not pitch in a major league game any sooner than Sept. 22 -- 11 months after the Tommy John surgery. And, the GM added, the fall instructional league would be preferable. That pretty much prevents Harvey from appearing in the majors this season. The regular season ends Sept. 28.

So there's no sense getting on a mound too soon either, apparently.