TC: No talk of Syndergaard promotion

ATLANTA -- The Super 2 cutoff has come and gone and Noah Syndergaard remains in Triple-A. And Terry Collins said Tuesday there is no dialogue about bringing him up soon.

lastname Syndergaard Syndergaard, who dealt with right forearm and left shoulder issues this season, is 6-4 with a 5.35 ERA in 14 starts for Las Vegas in 2014.

And the Mets already have to make room soon for Dillon Gee to return from the DL and enter the rotation.

Asked if Syndergaard will appear in the majors in 2014, Collins said: "There's a possibility you might not see him."

What changed?

Collins answered by giving a more colorful variation of, "stuff happens."

Added Collins: "I don't know any other way to put it: Injuries. Workload. He hasn't performed maybe to the way we thought he was going to. There's all sorts of things. ... I just know, right now, there hasn't been a discussion of Noah Syndergaard or when he's coming. The only discussion right now is Dillon Gee and where he's going to go and who he's going to replace and what that guy then would do, and David Wright.

"Right now we've got bigger issues on the table."