Harvey to spend break with Team Boras

NEW YORK -- Matt Harvey has heard about agent Scott Boras' Friday comments that the

lastname Harvey optimal rehab time from Tommy John surgery before pitching in a game is 14 to 16 months. And given Harvey underwent his procedure on Oct. 22, the ace joked he's probably now on track to pitch in December.

Harvey certainly now seems to have accepted that he will not pitch in a game in 2014, as the rehab process continued to be slowed. In fact, despite recent rumblings that he may get on a mound right after the All-Star break, Harvey said that is not the case -- it will be farther down the road.

Harvey is not slouching, though. He plans to spend the All-Star break working out in Orange County, Calif., at the Scott Boras Training Institute. Boras' people encouraged the business trip so they can get a firsthand handle on his progress.