Tejada needs to learn how to hit to play

With Mets manager Jerry Manuel saying he plans to give second base prospect Ruben Tejada a little bit of an undefined "break," it is clear to anyone who watches Mets games that Tejada needs to learn how to hit to play.

"I still believe he is going to be a decent hitter at this level," Manuel said prior to Thursday night's game.

Tejada, who entered Thursday hitting .167 can't seem to catch up to fastballs.

Manuel didn't say how long Tejada's "break" would be so it is even possible he is back in Friday night's lineup, but Manuel mentioned the Mets are still trying to win so Luis Castillo could get some more time.

"I feel I can help the team win," Castillo said.

Castillo though is not raising expectations too high. He said he thinks the Mets can win 20 of their last 37 games.