Mets remain quiet as deadline nears

NEW YORK -- With Thursday's 4 p.m.non-waiver trade deadline rapidly approaching, team insiders tell ESPNNewYork.com that it is very likely no activity occurs involving the Mets.

At this point, the lone subtraction the Mets could still make appears to be Bartolo Colon. And a source indicated there is nothing that suggests a deal will occur.

A team insider said the Mets have nothing brewing in terms of acquiring a shortstop.

There is one "intriguing" scenario in which the Mets could acquire an outfielder who would remain under control at least through 2015. But the source suggested that is even less likely to materialize than trading Colon. The source said it was too sensitive, and probably premature, to identify the player or team right now.

One plugged-in source told ESPNNewYork.com that if a deal were going to happen by Thursday at 4 p.m., something very likely would have been in a more significant stage by now. Still, the source did not want to 100 percent dismiss any activity materializing because teams could put together a deal in a matter of hours if they suddenly got motivated.

The bottom line, though: There is no evidence right now that a trade will materialize involving the Mets.