d'Arnaud getting beat up a concern

NEW YORK -- Travis d'Arnaud did not miss any action after getting clocked in the left elbow by a backswing from Javier Baez on Friday night. Still, Terry Collins expressed concern with the volume of whacks the rookie catcher has been taking.

Travis d'Arnaud

Travis d'Arnaud

#15 C
New York Mets

2014 STATS

  • GM80
  • HR10

  • RBI30

  • R30

  • OBP.298

  • AVG.230

D’Arnaud already has spent time on the concussion DL this season because he was struck with a backswing from Alfonso Soriano.

“We are concerned about this,” Collins said. “This guy has had one concussion [this season]. He’s had three in his career.

“I actually really think I like where he sets up behind the plate. You move him back too far and all of a sudden he becomes susceptible to the foul tip. If you move him underneath, where you get more strikes, you’re susceptible to the backswings.

“We’re concerned. We’ve got to make sure this guy stays healthy, because his bat is going to play, as we’ve seen. You can’t keep losing this guy for seven days every month.

“He said he was fine last night. ... It’s an issue for sure. We’ve tried different masks. We’ve tried all the things. He’s just one of those guys, when he gets a foul tip, we’re in danger of losing him for a period of time.”