GM, TC expected to return, will chat on road

NEW YORK -- Sandy Alderson plans to meet with Terry Collins this weekend in Atlanta to discuss the manager’s future and plan for 2015. The full expectation is both Alderson and Collins will return for next season.

The Wilpons have an option on Alderson’s original four-year guaranteed deal that is expiring this year. Collins already is under contract for 2015.

“There probably will be an announcement, but closer to the end of the season, if not the end of the season,” Alderson said.

Alderson reiterated past statements that he is pleased with Collins. The GM added that the evaluation of Collins is complete and will not be swayed by the remaining 12 games.

“I think Terry has done a fine job this season,” the GM said. “I think we’ve improved in a lot of areas. We’ve seen growth in our young players, particularly in the pitching -- both in the rotation and the bullpen. That’s been well-managed. I think we’re positioned well for 2015.”

As for this weekend’s chat in Atlanta, Alderson said about the planned topics: “It will be one of several conversations we have involving not just Terry but others as well.”

Alderson noted it is ownership’s call on him remaining.

“I’d like to be back, but I’m trying not to anticipate anything," he said. "There are too many vagaries in the game.”