Galarraga endorses instant replay

Armando Galarraga will make his fourth start since pitching the imperfect perfect game on June 2 against the Cleveland Indians. He’ll face Hisanori Takahashi at Citi Field on Thursday in the Mets-Tigers series finale.

Galarraga, whose had three weeks to reflect on his near-perfect game, said Tuesday night that he thinks baseball should expand the use of instant replay. MLB currently allows umpires to use instant replay to rule on home run calls.

“It is (a) tough position,” Galarraga said before the Mets’ 14-6 route of the Tigers. “But I say yes, because (instant replay) is going to help the game.”

Instant replay, of course, would have helped Jim Joyce make the correct call with two outs in the bottom of the ninth at Comerica Park and Galarraga one out away from completing baseball’s 21st perfect game.

But Joyce incorrectly ruled Jason Donald safe at first, robbing the Tigers righty of his shot at perfection.

Galarraga (2-1, 3.32 ERA) says he’s gotten letters from every college, high school and elementary school in Detroit since the near-perfect game. He still has two boxes filled with unopened letters at his locker.

“I feel like a superstar,” Galarraga said with a laugh on Tuesday. “All this is fine, all this is a good memory.”

The pitcher has also moved on from the perfect-game controversy that touched a nerve across America.

Both he and Joyce showed an incredible amount of class after the incident, hugging after the game and meeting the next day at home plate as Galarraga brought out the lineup card.

"What can you say?" Galarraga said. "I give (Joyce) a hug, move on and turn the page.”