Bobby V's staff has Mets accent

Bobby Valentine announced his 2012 Boston Red Sox coaching staff, and it certainly has a lot of Mets influence.

One-time Mets prospect Alex Ochoa will serve as first-base coach and Tim Bogar will serve as bench coach. Bogar previously served as Boston's third base coach.

Holdover hitting coach Dave Magadan also played for the Mets. The staff also includes Jerry Royster as third base coach and Bob McClure as pitching coach.

David Waldstein of the Times, who covered Bobby V's Mets, tweets:

Funny thing about the Red Sox coaching staff. Valentine managed 1B coach Alex Ochoa and bench coach Tim Bogar with Mets ... Mets cut Bogar in spring training '97 which marked beginning of tension between Todd Hundley and Valentine. Hundley and Bogar were tight... and Hundley lashed out publicly, saying that it would never be forgotten (as Bogar sat on top of lockers and listened in)... They were mad that Bogar was cut so late in spring training making it hard to hook up with other team (he did, in Houston).

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