Burke Badenhop's rarity

Burke Badenhop

Relief Pitcher
Florida Marlins


In the annals of great hitting accomplishments by pitchers against the Mets, we can add Burke Badenhop's go-ahead single to a list that includes the infamous 18th-inning home run by Rick Camp on July 4, 1985, the more recent grand slams by Jason Marquis and Felix Hernandez, and going way, way, way back, the multi-triple game by Houston Colts pitcher Jim Golden against the hapless 1962 Mets (the last multi-triple game by a pitcher).

As it turns out, this wasn't the first such moment of its kind, which given the Mets history isn't that surprising.

It was actually the third time that a pitcher (not a pinch-hitting pitcher) got a go-ahead extra-inning RBI against the Mets. We know this because of the indispensable Baseball-Reference.com Play Index.

On May 4, 1973 (a very memorable season in Mets history), Astros reliever Jim Ray's 14th-inning single versus Phil Hennigan started a four-run outburst in a 9-5 Mets defeat.

On May 12, 1978 (a very forgettable season in Mets history), Astros reliever Tom Dixon's first major league hit was a go-ahead single in the 14th inning against Skip Lockwood. Dixon would finish his career with five hits and a memory that hopefully lasted a lifetime. Just like Badenhop.