Butera destroys N.Y. kids in dodgeball

NEW YORK -- Drew Butera was just tagging along, having some fun.

The Los Angeles Dodgers backup catcher was at the MLB Fan Cave on an off day in New York, and when teammate Dee Gordon was asked to go play dodgeball with some local kids, Gordon asked Butera to come along.

He never thought he'd end up on Deadspin. He never thought he'd hear about it from his sister.

He never thought there would be a video of him on Instagram with nearly 5,000 "likes," or that there would be comments about how he "destroyed that kid."

"Hey, he was talking trash," Butera said with a smile on Wednesday.

Butera said it hadn't been that long since he had played the schoolyard game.

"I played it in 2010, when we were on a cruise," he said. "But no, I'm not a professional dodgeball player."

No, on the field, he's a Dodger. On the Internet, he's a dodgeballer.