Times scrutinizes Mets minority owner

Richard Sandomir in the Times wonders how the Wilpons and MLB should handle Mets minority owner Steven A. Cohen after the hedge-fund guru's company, SAC Capital Advisors, reportedly pleaded guilty to insider trading Monday and agreed to a $1.2 billion penalty.

Cohen bought a $20 million, 4 percent share in the Mets when the Wilpons sought partners while having financial difficulties.

The Times notes that Cohen's company, not Cohen himself, pleaded guilty.

“Don’t forget, there’s a big difference between the company being charged criminally and he being charged," former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent told Sandomir. "At this moment, he hasn’t been nicked.”

Wharton School of Business professor Scott Rosner told the Times: “Does this rise to the level where he should be forced to divest himself of ownership? Well, I can tell you if he were a potential buyer, he wouldn’t fly. He wouldn’t survive the due diligence. But he’s an existing owner and he probably has more leeway.”