Report: B-Mets may not move for '13

The Ottawa Citizen, which previously had portrayed a deal as nearly in place to relocate Double-A Binghamton to Ottawa for the 2013 season, now is hedging on that prediction. Writes Don Campbell in the newspaper:

(Ottawa Mayor Jim) Watson said he had no new information and negotiations continue, but added the city needs to know in June whether an Eastern League Double-A team would be "go or no-go" in the Ottawa Stadium for the 2013 season. "The bottom line is that unless we have a Double-A team, we're not going to do all of the extensive renovations for a Double-A team," Watson said. If an agreement can't be reached for the 2013 season, he said, "I wouldn't read into (it) that there's going to be no Double-A baseball, it just means that we're probably going to need more time to put all the pieces together and have a season in 2014."

Binghamton Mets officials have dismissed in the past Ottawa-based reports their franchise was being relocated. The Citizen previously reported the B-Mets were poised to move to Ottawa, with a New York-Penn League team relocating to NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton.

Even if accurately reported, the Mets would not necessarily follow the Double-A franchise to Canada. They would be free to relocate to another Double-A city that was looking for a new parent club.